Lemonade for Sale

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It began with a plan - a well thought-out and written plan, in fact, because that's how Tom rolls.

After a couple of trips to the hardware store (no one ever makes just one trip to the hardware store, right?) to purchase materials and supplies, the sawing and hammering began. I honestly thought that work on the lemonade stand would commence that Sunday but then stall indefinitely. Instead, Tom and the kids - well, mostly just Tom - powered through and finished the entire building phase of the project by the end of the day.

The kids settled on yellow as the primary color for the top, sides and posts of the stand, and both liked my suggestion of chalkboard paint for the front of the stand. So a few days later, the kids and I visited the hardware store again, this time to pick out our paint and stock up on painting supplies. After one extremely hot morning painting the on the back patio, we called the stand finished.

One afternoon, shortly before we were scheduled to leave on our summer travels, I heard the kids discussing how difficult it was going to be for Tom and I to fit the lemonade stand into the back of our car. Learning that the stand wouldn't make the journey with us to Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin broke their little hearts, so I promised to help them set up another - albeit less elaborate - lemonade stand during our garage sale.

Will made a $12 profit that warm, July afternoon, and as his advertisement promised, he donated 50% of his proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Planning for, building, and painting the stand; making and selling the lemonade; and then following through on his commitment to donate a portion of the money he made were learning opportunities and memorable experiences for Will. I don't think he - or Tom - will forget "that summer we made a lemonade stand" anytime soon.

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