How to Prevent a Fido Freak-Out

Eric Stromer

This article, entitled "MAKING YOUR HOME FIT for BOTH MAN and BEAST with Eric Stromer," is presented by Petco.

Your home could be making your pets behave badly! One of the biggest frustrations pet owners experience is destructive behavior in the home such as chewing on personal belongings and scratching up furniture.

So you’re a good pet owner who only gets the best for your furry friends: the best food, the most comfortable pet beds and the latest gadgets and toys. But, did you know that WHERE you place your pet items is just as important as WHAT you buy? Call it Paw Shui!

Teething, boredom and separation anxiety can be at the root of this behavior and can increase as families spend less time at home now that summer vacation is over. BUT, what if you could change your pet’s behavior through your home decor?

In the video below, do-it-yourself television and radio star Eric Stromer explains and demonstrates that your home’s design isn’t just for looks. Eric says that how your house is arranged can mean the difference between peace and quiet and a real cat-astrophe!

About Eric: What do you get when you mix construction, comedy and music? Chicago native Eric Stromer, star of over 300 episodes of such hit shows as OVER YOUR HEAD (HGTV) and CLEAN SWEEP (TLC), author of Do-It-Yourself Family, and one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive.” Eric’s entertaining DIY advice and infectious personality have won the hearts of millions of viewers nationwide! He’s been a spokesman for SEARS/Craftsman Tools and can be heard regularly dishing out home improvement advice to listeners of Adam Carolla’s nationally syndicated radio show. Also, Eric just completed recording his first full-length country music album in Nashville, which will be released later this year. When Eric's not in the recording studio, he can be found giving advice on his radio show. Listen to it on Prior to joining the HGTV family, Eric starred on TLC’s Clean Sweep, NBC’s Three Wishes and as a special correspondent for the syndicated entertainment news magazine The Insider.

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