How to Choose & Store Produce to Make Them Last Longer

Registered Dietitian Sarah-Jane Bedwell

This article, entitled "HOW TO 'FRESH OVER' YOUR KITCHEN & DIET While Staying On Budget," is presented by Walmart.

Your family loves fresh fruits and vegetables, right? But do you sniff, poke and shake potential purchases at the grocery store, and still end up bringing home less-than-tasty fruits, limp greens and bland veggies? Do you struggle with keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for very long? Do you run out of ways to incorporate fresh produce into tasty meals?

In the video below, Sarah-Jane Bedwell, a registered dietitian, provides tips for choosing, storing and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables. Bedwell outlines the latest plans from the nation's largest grocer and seller of produce aimed at ensuring the quality and freshness of its fruits and vegetables.

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