Hackers Now Targeting Smart Phones

How safe is your smart phone? The same technology that makes your phone so versatile and easy to use is also making it easier for hackers to get in. Now some phones with popular operating systems may be more susceptible to attacks by hackers.

On a college campus, it's hard to find a student that isn't looking, listening or touching their smartphone. While that phone is critical to any young person, it's also a target for hackers and internet thieves.

Security experts say those phones can open a window for savvy hackers.

"It's a battle ground now for the scam artist," Digital Security Expert Stephen Cobb says.

Security Expert Stephen Cobb with Eset says the Android operating system made for phones and tablets is often the target of choice.

That's not only because of the system's widespread popularity, but because it uses a more open platform.

A platform that is more accessible to programmers, even programmers who may have bad intentions spreading malware and trouble.

“It is possible for that malware to completely compromise your phone,” says Cobb. “I mean dump everything off your phone onto a remote server, and you wouldn't even notice it."

Now it's not just android phones, any smartphone can be hacked if you're dumb about which apps you download, or what websites you click into.

"Streaming of illegal content, trying to get things free that normally you would have to pay for, then all bets are off," explains Cobb.

Cobb says whatever system you use, keep it updated.

Add virus protection if it's available, and use the same common sense on your smartphone that you would on a laptop computer. For some people, they just don't take any chances.

Before downloading an app to your phone, there are ways to decrease the chance that it's a rotten one. Look up the app's developer to see if anyone else has ever had issues with their work. You can even email the developer if you want more info.

Of course it is better if you are linked to the app by a reputable source, like a company's verified website.

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