Thumbs Up for a Simple Halloween Craft

I had a meeting last week with the other parents for the annual school party planning. I love meeting with these other moms (and dads) because they are far more creative than I.

I cherish the idea of fun kids’ crafts for holidays, but I am not the crafty mom. I am often in awe of the amazing ways crafty people transform everyday items into works of childhood art! What I also find interesting is the goals each mom has…some moms want art work to display, others want décor items to pass down to their kiddos, still others want it to be messy and representative of the child’s age. The best part is we brainstorm and come up with all of the above for our parties!

I thought I would share one of those crafts today that even I could do at home or for a school party: thumb print art! It’s simple, inexpensive, a bit messy and fun for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages. Just to make sure to give credit, most of these ideas were adapted from Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book. He has a wonderful way of turning every kid into an artist step by step. Check out his website at

My crafty friend, Sandy, is the one who put together the sample “how to” sheets you see here for our class parties. The kids can choose whatever fall or Halloween image they like and then you can provide cards, canvases or even bookmarks for the final product. A few tips…make sure to get washable ink pads and give the budding artists some scrap paper for practice first. You can also help the kids brainstorm fun sayings to write on the bottom or even silly Halloween knock-knock jokes.

I love this craft because it’s simple, everyone feels successful in the final product and it’s a little snapshot of childhood. What’s your favorite, easy Halloween craft? I’d love to hear from you!

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Jen Lennon
Jen is the mother of two boys and a girl who keep her and her husband of 20 years busy driving from the theater to the hockey rink to the dance studio.
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