How to Hang Family Pictures

A well-arranged display of family pictures is more than just putting a nail in the wall. The right photo frame, placement, and color coordination are all important considerations. Here are a few tips to help your photographs look their best.


When choosing the perfect frame, keep in mind that the frame molding generally should not be wider than the main subject in the picture. For example, if the subject’s head is two inches wide the frame should be no wider than two inches. This will ensure that the portrait will be what you focus on and not the frame.

Wall Placement

The portraits on your wall should hang at standing eye level. If displaying more than one picture, display an odd number of pictures to create an art piece. Then group them in ways that tell a story or share a similar theme, like senior pictures or baby’s first Easter.

Choosing Clothing

If a wall portrait is what you have in mind, first consider where you want hang. Then choose your outfit for the photo shoot according to the color scheme of that space. Remember that the people are more important than the outfit, so dress in solid colors so the focus will go to the faces instead of clothing.

Matting, the frame within a frame

Matting your photographs can do a lot to enhance the look of the picture. Choose a mat color from a color in the photograph that will compliment the picture.

When you want to fill a larger space, mat your print up a size. For instance, if you have a 5x7 photograph, choose an 8x10 mat and frame.

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