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I’m feeling pretty good this week. I haven’t noticed much movement on the scale but I cleaned out my closet and tried on several pairs of bottoms to weed out, only to find a stack that I can now fit into – two of which were even from my honeymoon! I’m a little less firm now than then (two more babies can do that to you), but they still fit well enough that I don’t need Spanx to pull them off.

This was a nice reminder to me that it’s not all about the scale, it’s how I feel that is important – and right now I’m feeling pretty great! It’s easy to get stuck on the number because it’s something we can easily measure, but despite the feeling of reliability that numbers give, this is one area where they really can’t provide a full picture and I think we can all do well to remember that.

Though not related to fitness, I wanted to share that I went to a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend of mine and it was so awesome to take a shower gift of cloth diapers! It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to do that and it was such a great feeling. She already has some diapers from her son and a supply of gender neutral newborn stuff, but she’s having a girl, so it felt ‘in order’. I figure that there is a great many of you who can relate to how awesome that was, so I thought I’d share!

There I go, off track again – If you’re just joining my fitness journey, you can start from the beginning here, and find all of my “get fit” posts here.

Though I started my journey weeks ago, I am also taking part in the Go Green, Get Fit Challenge sponsored by PlanetShoes.com that starts today! This event features participation and inspiration from more than twenty-five well respected green bloggers and activists, as well as support from several health and wellness brands, nutritional experts, fitness coaches and personal trainers.

We all share a common goal to live well and we hope that you will join us and share your journey. You never know who you may inspire! If you are interested in sharing your goals, journey or successes, please feel free to email me. I would love to share them with my weekly updates!

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Amanda is a wife and mother of three who enjoys sharing her thoughts on eco-friendly things. Her hope is that by writing her blog - doing reviews, giveaways and other informative posts - it helps people looking to become green and easily find what will work for them.

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