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Thrifty Tip – Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most moms will appreciate hand/home made gifts more than expensive ones. Especially if her children and/or spouse spent time making it personal.

Funny thing about this list is that most of my readers are moms. So use these tips for your own mom (have the kids help for their grandma) or print off the list and give it to your husband! ;)

Here are some great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that won’t break the bank:

1. Have the kids make homemade cards. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Grab whatever paper you have around the house, even if it’s printer paper. Grab a box of crayons and let the kids create! Mom will treasure the artwork and love from these home made cards way more than the $3, $4, $5 cards from the store.

2. Grab your camera and the kids and take some fun pictures. Buy an inexpensive frame or re-purpose one that is around the house. Better yet, let the kids eat some popsicles and let them make a frame out of the sticks. Decorate and you’ve got a beautiful frame. Then just frame the picture that will melt mom’s heart!

3. Here’s one that can go either way depending on Mom. Me, I like to spend time with my kids on Mother’s Day so if you have a mom like me, plan a fun day. Go to the park, playground, zoo, pack a picnic lunch, etc. The time spent together would make it a great day! Or maybe she would like the day off. Tell her you’re giving her the day off and send her out shopping! (although that may not turn out to be such a thrifty tip) ;)

4. Draw her a bubble bath in the morning. Give her a book or magazine to read and work on #5.

5. Make breakfast in the morning. Have the kids help. If they’re anything like my kids, they love to help cook. If you’re not a great cook, even a bowl of cereal waiting for her will make her feel loved and pampered.

6. Make her some special tokens or certificates that she can cash in. Get the kids to help of course. Make them redeemable for hugs, kisses, day to sleep in, night off of cooking, etc. You get the idea.

7. Hide Love notes around the house. Each with something you or the kids love about Mom.

8. Make a Mom-Aid kit. I received this list in an email and just love it! Contents in a shoe box with a note explaining what each one means:

• A cotton ball to soften life’s hard blows

• A band-aid to help heal hurt feelings

• A battery to give you extra energy when you’re feeling drained

• A toothpick to help you pick out the good qualities in your children (especially at those inevitable moments when they’re driving you crazy!)

• A button to button your lip at those times when it’s the best strategy

• An eraser to erase the mistakes you’ll make along the way

• A candy kiss to remind you of the simple power of a kiss or a hug

• A roll of Life Savers candies as a reminder to offer help when it’s needed, and accept help when you need it

• A candle to light your way when things seem darkest

• A ‘calling card’ to phone your own mom (or a friend) anytime you need some advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a kind word

9. There are a ton of cute craft ideas for kids that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. If you’re a crafty Dad (or are Mom making it for Grandma) just do a search for kids crafts and you’ll come up with a ton of great ideas. The kids will love this too!

10. Let the kids make mom a special necklace or bracelet. Doesn’t have to be fancy but it will be treasured by Mom. Check out my DIY jewelry post for tips.

Now you are fully prepared to create a Mother’s Day that Mom is sure to love and remember for years to come…and that won’t break the bank!

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