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The ABCs of Kindergarten Preparedness

Parent Tips: The ABCs of Kindergarten Preparedness

Though an exciting time for your child, sending your kid off to school for the first time can cause anxiety for parents. For many parents, kindergarten marks the child’s first time away from home in the care of another adult – causing parents concern over safety and trust of the new environment to which the child is exposed. So, how do parents remain stress-free? Here are tips from the child safety experts at Amber Alert GPS to help keep their concerns at bay and enjoy their child’s first foray into school!

Familiarize yourself

For both you and your child, the new surroundings of a school can be confusing. In order to help ease your child’s anxiety and your own for the first day, head over to your child’s new school to scope out the lay of the land. Participating in an early walk-through of your child’s classroom and meeting with teachers and administration are a few ways you can familiarize you and your child with their new school. A few weeks before school starts, start driving the route of the school once a week, talking your child through where you are going, pointing out the school and making them excited for the experience to start.

Start early

Summer often means staying up late and sleeping in every morning. For kids, like new kindergartners, adjusting to a regulated sleep schedule can be difficult. To help ease the transition for kid and families alike, start everyone into the new slumber routine about a month before the start of school. By just moving up bedtime and wake up time a half hour each week, kids and parents give themselves plenty of time to adjust and prepare for the big first day – making the new morning routine less stressful.

Soothe safety concerns

Safety is always the first priority with our children, and sending them off to school for the first time means interaction with new people in a location away from home. For those parents who want the peace of mind that their child has not left the premises of the school, there are parent-friendly devices like child-safety trackers. These safety devices, like those from Amber Alert GPS, are simply tucked into a backpack or attached to your child’s clothing, sending an alert if a child goes outside of a pre-set geographical area. Prepping kids as soon as possible - letting them know who the proper adults are to speak with, when they should get off the school bus, etc. – are also good ways to help ease parents’ first day fears.

Volunteer your time

For stay-at-home parents, having the kids off to school can be a big adjustment. Volunteering your time at the school is a great way to keep you close to your children while still giving you the opportunity to pursue interests outside of the home and network with other parents, which can be a great resource. Parents also have the option to explore activities they may not have been able to participate in while their children were pre-school age.

Despite any first day-jitters for parents and kids, make sure to take time to document the first day of school by taking pictures and writing down their height and weight – the memories created that day will last a lifetime!

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Award winning Amber Alert GPS, Inc. is a Utah based provider of mobile tracking and safety solutions for children and families. The company’s founder, Russ Thornton, was motivated to develop the Amber Alert GPS device after a harrowing incident when he lost his young son for 45 minutes at an amusement park. The experience inspired him to develop a product that would not only prevent such incidents from happening, but provide a quick resolution in the event a child did go missing. Amber Alert GPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alert GPS Holdings, Corp. For more information, visit:

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