Spice Up Your Summer BBQ With a Latin Flair!

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Summertime means grilling and backyard parties. But, if you’re burgered-out and need something creative to wow your palate and your pals, TV Chef Martita Jara has just what you need. This culinary artist brings her self-proclaimed California cuisine with Mexican flavor to your picnic table.

In the video below, she’s sharing tips on everything from prepping your grill to her favorite recipes and what she packs in her cooler.

Martita Jara began working in her family’s restaurant business at a young age, and her mom’s authentic Mexican home cooking inspired Martita’s culinary passion. Her parents moved to the U.S. two years before she was born, and Martita credits them with her work ethic and perseverance. A vivacious newlywed who loves to entertain, Martita cooks with loads of Latin flavor and lots of love.

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