The Art of Turning 30

This article, entitled "The Art of Turning 30," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday blogger from Central Wisconsin.

I’ve entered into a new decade. I’m finding it difficult to grasp how exactly I feel about this. All of my friends who’ve already turned 30 lamented about how old they felt meeting this milestone, and although if we still feel like kids 30 can seem old, my mother exclaims to me this is not the case.

She put it best in the birthday card she gave me. “Remember, 30 is young! Trust me on this,” she wrote. I know, I know. I’m still young. I can easily chase around my baby and run laps around a track at the gym. I love traveling around the world and yearn to learn more about countless topics that pique my interest. I look forward to my daughter playing with Barbies so I can join in on the fun, and I love to giggle with my girlfriends while reminiscing about the good ole’ days.

I don’t think I look old. Okay, I have gray hairs and I’m beginning to notice some fine lines around my eyes. Still, I like the way I look. My body is strong. I clean up well and am confident.

I feel so much more knowledgeable than I did in my 20s. Despite thinking you know everything in your 20s, which you don’t, in your 30s you realize you know nothing. Maybe in your 40s you realize you’re never going to know everything and then you become okay with that.
If we think being 30 is old, then aren’t we going to act old at 30? I’m not exactly ready to do “old lady” things like cutting my hair short and getting a permanent or wearing polyester pants and Kleenex in my sleeves. I’d rather stay away from bingo halls and early bird specials, until I come of age of course.

I’ve decided to take my mother’s knowledge to heart. 30 is young! I’m healthy, strong, have a loving family and a great circle of friends. I am lucky to be alive and thriving! 30 is great! These are the years I will be raising children, furthering my career, getting more involved with the community and making a life with those I love.

So far, being 30 isn’t so bad.

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Liz loves spending time outdoors, working out, traveling, taking in the arts, reading and catching up on TV.
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