Baby Bangs?

This article, entitled "Baby Bangs?" comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday blogger from Central Wisconsin.

Some babies are born with a full head of hair, some have fine peach fuzz, and others are bald as a cue ball. All of these babies are beautiful as they are.

I don’t think anyone could deny that. That’s why I was shocked to discover a product on the market called Baby Bangs!, which is a headband attached to a wig meant for baby girls.

The company claims the headband/hair combo is “intended to enhance baby girls’ appearance in a fun and memorable way.” The wigs come in 5 ribbon colors and 6 hair colors, are sized for newborns to 9-month-olds and can be cut and styled however mom wants.

Do babies really need a full head of thick, fake hair to look attractive? Who does this benefit? Certainly not the baby who has to wear a wig, but the parents whose own vanity prompts them to make-over their infant. The company claims to believe in the beauty of childhood. Are children not beautiful naturally?

Maybe I’m being too judgmental, and the infant wig is harmless. I hate to judge other mothers, because being a mom is the most difficult job we’ll ever have and nobody has the perfect answer for how to raise a child. But I think our daughters, specifically, will be better off when they realize they are good enough as they are and are comfortable in their own skin. And that wearing a wig as an infant didn’t make them a better baby.

What do you think? Are Baby Bangs! a fun, harmless product for infants? Or are they out of line?

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