My House is a Disaster

This article, entitled "My House is a Disaster," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday blogger from Central Wisconsin.

I just can’t keep my house clean. This is especially challenging while taking care of a 7 month old, working 30 hours a week and squeezing in time to hit the gym, throw something together for dinner, and make baby food. I’m exhausted.

My husband doesn’t seem to understand. He hasn’t cleaned one dish since before the baby was born. Each time I complain and plead for his help with household chores, he laments about his tiring work week. As if! As if I’m not working my tail off, working harder than I’ve ever worked in my entire life.

Sure, he still mows the lawn and takes out the trash, but the majority of household chores are on me.

The thing is, everything has changed for me. I’ve chosen to work from home while taking care of the baby so that I can soak in as much time with her as possible. I truly think it is the most difficult choice because I’m trying to balance everything, but it’s my choice and I’m happy with it.
I feel like all I ever do is dishes. They just keep piling up. Toys are strewn across the living room, while paper plates and empty water bottles adorn the carpet. Baby clothes are stacked everywhere, tower style, precariously positioned. Towels are hanging out of the bathroom hamper, and don’t get me started on the cluttered bathroom (and kitchen) counters.

I’ve been meaning to organize my jewelry, pack away my summer clothes and suits I no longer wear on a daily basis. I was planning on scrubbing the tub and painting the trim around our front door that’s peeling and has seen better days. I’d like to straighten up my bedroom closet, make room for my husband’s things and get rid of junk.

I want to clean the house. I do. Each to-do list I write has the inevitable last entry: clean house. It’s just that I don’t have any time. I’m busier than I’ve ever been. It may seem ridiculous that someone who works from home and is almost always at home doesn’t have time to clean that home.

Maybe I’ve been taking advantage of my new busy lifestyle as mommy. It’s just that moms don’t get a day off. Before baby my house was still kind of messy, but I had an entire weekend to clean it. Now, I have naptime to clean it, but during those precious times I’m typically working or taking a well-needed rest myself.

Today I will get some work done, play with my daughter, spend time with my husband, try to relax, and if I’m up for it, clean the house.

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Liz Hayes
Liz loves spending time outdoors, working out, traveling, taking in the arts, reading and catching up on TV.
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