Family Activity to Try: Disc Golf

The sport of disc golfing has been around since the 1970s but is slowly growing more and more popular. If you and your kids haven’t tried it, there’s no time like the present. Disc golf courses are popping up in parks across the country. Plus, it’s free!

Based on the game of golf, disc golfing replaces the swing of a club with the throw of a disc. Players attempt to get their disc into the target in the shortest amount of tosses, but rather than a hole the target is a raised metal basket. There are typically 9 tees, like in golf, that wind through various types of terrain. Just like in golf, frustrations arise when your disc hits a tree or veers off course.

Disc golf is much more cost effective than golf. You don’t need clubs, a golf cart, membership fee or even a tee time. A professional disc will cost you less than $15, but you will need one for each player.

Disc golf is a great game for families that caters to all skill levels and all ages. At first, it’s difficult to get the disc, which is heavier than a Frisbee, to fly through the air how you’d like. As with most activities, practice makes perfect.

It also gives the family an opportunity to play together, while enjoying the outdoors.

To find a disc golf course near you, check out the Professional Disc Golf Association online at There you can type in your zip code to find nearby courses. Have fun!

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