Simple Ways to Prevent an At-Home Drowning

Eighty-seven is a number to keep in mind. According to numbers from the Consumer Safety Protection Commission, it’s the average number of children under the age of 5 who drown yearly in or around the home. That’s every four days a young child drowns in a bathtub, bucket, toilet or landscape pond.

Eighty percent of these accidental, but preventable deaths occur in the bathtub when mom or dad leaves for “just a second” to grab the phone or the door, or a babysitter leaves to grab a towel. A few seconds is all it takes for a child to drown quietly. It would take more than a lifetime to get over such a heartbreaking event.

Experts agree that you should NEVER leave your child unattended in a bathtub, and you should keep young children within an arm’s reach at all times. If you must get up to do something, take the child with you.

  • Never leave a child in the care of another child. They are not capable of “watching” the younger child to prevent a drowning. Adults should be the only ones supervising during bath time.

  • Children can drown in just an inch of water, so be sure to empty all buckets in or outside of the home. Young children are top heavy and can easily fall head first into a bucket and not be able to get out. The same goes for toilets. Use toilet seat locks at all times.

  • Landscape ponds are a beautiful addition to any lawn, but they’re also a hazard to small children. Be sure children are never left alone near a pond.

  • Take this opportunity to learn CPR if you haven’t. It can save a child's life in an emergency.

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