Adjusting Our Furry Baby to the New Baby

This article, entitled "Adjusting Our Furry Baby to the New Baby," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday blogger from Central Wisconsin.

I’m afraid I’m neglecting my other baby. Not my beautiful, vibrant, 3-month-old Elena, but our sweet, charming 6-year-old kitty, Scooty. Before Elena was born my husband and I were fearful about how Scooty would react to a new baby in the house. Scooty was our everything.

I had always wanted my own kitty. I grew up having cats and consider myself a total cat person. Every time I see one I ooh and ahh admiringly. When I notice one on the side of the road I silently tell it to be careful and wonder if it needs a good home. If I was single and child free I would probably have accumulated 3 or 4 by now.

My husband had never had a pet, which I found utterly tragic knowing how much joy a pet can bring. I begged and begged him to let us get one and finally he gave in. We both fell madly in love with our green-eyed baby who has the softest fur on earth, loves to play, and has never acted aggressively toward us.

Scooty definitely knew I was pregnant. She’d curl up on my lap, carefully avoiding my burgeoning bump, gaze at me and purr. I’d tell her that although I was having a baby I would always love her and it seemed to me she understood. Then I had a baby.

I barely had time to brush my teeth or take a shower, let alone play with the cat. Elena took up all my time and attention. Scooty pretty much ignored her. She cautiously walked up to her, took a quick sniff, and then slinked away on a few occasions. She threw her ears back or put her paw over her face when Elena screamed bloody murder. Other than that she acted as if she didn’t exist. But I knew better. Scooty felt left out.

My husband continues to shower Scooty with affection. He’s sure to play with her, feed her, and change her litter. I’m so appreciative he can be there for our cat, while I’m sure to be there for our daughter. Elena finally noticed Scooty. I put her hand out to pet the cat, and she grabbed a chunk of fur and pulled. Scooty was a good sport, she just ran off. I’m looking forward to the day they can be friends.

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of things with Elena, I’m attempting to spend some extra time with Scooty, because she was my first baby and I’ll always appreciate the joy she brings us.

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