Exercise Benefits Pregnant Moms and Baby

You may believe that being pregnant is the perfect excuse for taking it easy, and in some respects it is. However, getting regular exercise while sporting a baby bump is good for moms and their developing fetus. A new study shows that babies whose moms exercised during pregnancy, receive a brain boost.

Getting in a brisk walk, just three times a week while pregnant, is enough for babies to benefit.

Moms-to-be who exercise seem to feel better. According to Mayo Clinic, pregnant women who regularly lace up their walking shoes can relieve back pain, prevent excess weight gain, sleep better, boost their mood, up their energy and increase stamina.

Getting exercise while expecting is also a good way to prepare for the strenuous ordeal of labor. Some women who’ve kept up with their fitness during their pregnancy report having an easier time than sedentary moms-to-be.

Not all mothers can give it their all, however. Moms who have high-risk pregnancies, for example, must discuss whether exercise is recommended from their health care provider.

If your doctor does give you the green light, know that you are helping yourself and your precious baby.

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