Why Should Kids Be the Only Ones to Get Lollipops When They're Sad?

Danielle Herzog

This article, entitled Why Should Kids Be the Only Ones to Get Lollipops When They're Sad? comes from Danielle Herzog's blog Martinis and Minivans at martinisandminivans.com.

Last weekend we took the kids on a road trip to visit friends in Illinois. Ironically, our friends live in the same area where the hubby’s grandparents lived most of their lives, and are buried. With that in mind, we thought it would be touching to take the kids to the cemetery and experience that for the first time as a family.

On the way to the cemetery, we are talking to our 4-year-old daughter about what a cemetery is and how it is a place where to remember our loved ones who are in heaven. The hubby then tells her that he might cry a bit when he sees the place where we remember his grandparents. She asked if him if they would be happy or sad tears and he told her that they would be both.

Without even missing a beat, she asks, “Oh, well do they give out lollipops at the cemetery?”

We looked at each other, cracked up, and then my hubby said, “No, they don’t…but they really should.”

So there you have it. A brilliant idea for grieving. If everyone was handed a lollipop as they entered the gates of cemetery, would you be as sad??? I think we might be on to something here…

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