Soccer with a 4-Year-Old - Better than Reality TV

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Today was my 4-year-old daughter’s first soccer game. She wasn’t exactly excited about the experience. Every time we talked about it, she would put her head down and say, “I’m scared.” She would come up with a different thing she was scared of each time – falling, running, getting tired, etc… I must give the girl credit, she has already mastered the art of making excuses. Impressive.

So when the game began, she stood there. She literally didn’t move. The hubby and I were shouting, “Run sweetie, run after the ball.” And in one perfect moment, she looked at us then looked at the ball then looked back at us. I could imagine her saying in her head, “WTF people? Why am I out here kicking a ball when there is a playground right over there???” However, she quickly snapped out of it and ran after the ball. Now given, she ran only about 4 feet before looking exhausted. But she ran.

And of course, after about 10 minutes into the game, she fell. One of her excuses actually came true. Don’t you hate that, as a parent, when that happens? But she got back in there after a few minutes and started even smiling.

When the game was finally over and we were back at home, I asked her what her favorite part of it all was. In typical 4 year-old style she said, ‘The juice box you get at the end of the game.”

So move over Mia Hamm…my daughter is on your tail. That is, as long as there are juice boxes at the World Cup.

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