Top Five Things Toodles Can Do For Me

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I was thinking a lot about Toodles this week. Unfamiliar with Toodles? He’s the thing on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that brings the crew whatever they need when they are in crisis. So when Mickey can’t figure out how to get up a tree, here comes Toodles with a ladder.

Toodles is basically an unappreciated butler for a wealthy family of animals who actually would eat each other in real life. (Think about it – Figaro the cat would seriously take down Mickey and Minnie for a mid-day snack any day of the week)

Anyways, in thinking about Toodles – here’s my top 5 list of things I would want Toodles to do for me.

1. Wash windows. I’ve lived in my house for over 6 years and have yet to wash the windows. I feel like you have to be an acrobat in the Cirque de Soliel to clean second floor windows. I’ve decided to view them like darkening curtains instead of cleaning them.

2. Empty the dishwasher. I can’t tell you how many times I try to put a dish in the there and realized I forgot to empty it. I’m contemplating teaching my children how to use their hands as a bowl. It would be tricky with cereal but I think they could figure it out.

3. Figure out how to get the mystery pee stains on the toilet seat out. I’ve come to the conclusion that my husband must be drinking something with life-threatening dyes in it. There is no way that pee shouldn’t be able to be cleaned off the toilet. What the heck is that stuff?

4. Pick out matching clothes for me each morning. I’m a fashion idiot. (and iron them too, I seriously hate wrinkles)

5. Entertain small children while on the telephone and/or cooking. There is only so many times a mother can open the refrigerator door with a child gripped on to her leg. I’m going to need physical therapy after they grow up for disproportionate body limbs.


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