Preventing Wrinkles

Candace Reid

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Wrinkles are an obvious and dreaded sign of aging that most people want to avoid as long as possible. Unfortunately, wrinkles can occur prematurely, often as a result of unconscious lifestyle choices and habits. When this happens it can be difficult for some people to accept and it may even have a negative impact on how a person feels about his or her appearance. To help prevent wrinkles from occurring too soon there are three simple steps that people can take.

1. Reduce Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) Exposure

When out in the sun, people are exposing their skin to dangerous UV rays that can cause a number of skin problems, such as wrinkles. When premature wrinkling is a result of over-indulging in the sun, it is known as photoaging. This can cause a decrease in the elasticity of the skin which can make it more susceptible to wrinkling. To prevent this from occurring, people should limit their time in the sun and use sunscreen every time they go outdoors, even if they are not planning to actually sit out in the sun for long periods of time. In fact, even the amount of sun exposure that comes through the windows of a car is enough to expose people to damaging ultraviolet rays.

2. Care for Skin Properly

A person’s skin care routine can go a long way in preventing immature aging. Care should be taken not to over-wash the face, which strips it of oils that help to keep the skin from drying out. Using harsh soap and skipping moisturizers will also result in dry skin that’s susceptible to wrinkling. Instead, people should use a facial cleanser or a moisturizing soap that is meant specifically for the face. Moisturizer is also essential to restore the skin’s moisture after it has been cleaned.

3. Eat the Right Foods

Fruits and vegetables are good for the skin and can help keep wrinkles at bay. People should look for brightly colored food such as berries, spinach and carrots. These foods contain antioxidants that protect against premature aging that comes from sun exposure and free radicals. Certain types of fish, such as salmon, are also ideal for preventing the signs of aging. Fish contains essential fatty acids that help to keep skin cells youthful longer.

Preventing wrinkles from forming is important to both women and men. Eating the right foods, properly cleansing the skin and avoiding excess exposure to UV rays can help prevent this from occurring prematurely.

Candace is the mom of three and currently a full time culinary student at Lansing Community College. Her future plans include becoming a certified chef and food photographer.

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