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I Have a Dream to be Like Betty White

This article, entitled I Have a Dream to be Like Betty White was originally posted on Forbes.com, comes from Jayne Black, jayneblack.com.

Martin Luther King made a powerful statement when he said “I have a dream.” His dream was one to be admired by all and we have seen his dream come true. We all have dreams and mine is to be like Betty White. You say how can you compare Martin Luther’s dream of advancing civil rights to Betty White?

Let me explain! What I mean is that Betty White is a picture of an ninety year old elderly woman who is self-sufficient, a true golden girl, which is in dramatic contrast to the 1 in 5 women in the United States who live their elderly years in poverty. I can assure you that any women struggling to survive financially in their retirement years will tell you they want to be like Betty also. We can never underestimate how important it is to our basic humanness to be self-sufficient in every way. Maybe you have never even given thought to how your golden years will look . I hope that this article creates a desire to be pro-active to make sure your golden years look the way you want them to.

We don’t have to be as rich as Betty, but we should be happy and able to sufficiently meet our needs and some of our desires. The fact is that one in five women in the United States live their retirement years in poverty – and that is completely opposite of the self-sufficiency that Betty represents.

One of them could be you or me due to lack of planning but also due in part to life events like what job we held, the salary we made, or if we will go through or went through a divorce. There are many life altering situations that affect women and their financial security uniquely which can jepordize our golden years if we do not plan accordingly.

If we embrace the facts that surround us as women we can help to change them and AARP is helping to do just that. They have sponsored “The Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience” a video tour that goes about the country talking to people who are living in poverty. It serves as a reminder of the importance of owning our own financial stories today and to make certain we are taking steps to be financially secure. You can hear their stories and view more details at this website: http://www.povertytour.smileyandwest.com

So my dream, and the dream I want others to aspire to, is to be like Betty White – because she represents what I will one day grow up to be: a “golden girl” – and a self-sufficient one at that. If you have the same goals visit the links below to start on your own personal journey of financial security.

Jayne Black, Mrs. Wisconsin Galaxy 2012 -  Founder of Saving Smart for Five Generations, International Women's Finance Coach, Professional Speaker, Writer, "Fellow" at the Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute

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