Riding Solo

When is the right age to let your child ride their bike alone in the neighborhood? I know it doesn't sound like a big deal. We used to ride our bikes all over the neighborhood when we were young but, it's different now.

The other day my son wanted to ride his bike to the neighborhood park and meet us there as we drove our car. It's just a few blocks away but, I couldn't see him for a few minutes and I hated it. I quickly drove to meet him and was relieved once I could see him again.

To be honest I wasn't worried so much about him accidentally driving into the street or the other cars going by. I was more worried about a stranger approaching him. I know stranger abductions are rare but, THEY HAPPEN.

In the media business we know that bad things DO happen. No one expects it to happen to them but, it does. So, I don't know if I'm over protective when it comes to my kids hopping on their bikes and riding through the neighborhood or if I'm over sensitive?

Let me hear your thoughts on this!

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Jemelle Holopirek
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