End of Summer Saving Quick Tips

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Summer is busy and keeping costs down can slip away as the fun and busyness continues in to Fall. Here are some quick tips to make it easier…

  1. Keep a folder in your vehicle that holds restaurant, activity, and other non-grocery coupons. Having coupons with you at all times will help save money while out and about.
  2. Take 5-10 minutes when already shopping to skim clearance clothing. Throughout summer, prices are slashed on pieces for the remainder of summer – look for fall and winter, too.

  3. Think about dinner right after breakfast. Planning early in the day affords time to prepare – and avoids eating out or ordering pizza because it’s 6:00 p.m., everyone is starving, and nothing is started.

  4. Hang a piece of paper on the fridge to jot things down, before you run out of them. Use this as a reminder to watch for a good sale, and to avoid paying retail out of desperation.

  5. One day each week, execute an “on hand” challenge. Devote one day a week to using up any close-dated items in your pantry, fridge and freezer.

  6. Keep meals small and light. Concentrate more on serving healthy options, rather than full ‘rounded’ meals. The summer heat and your budget is better suited to lighter offerings.

  7. Freeze water bottles. Continually refill and freeze bottles of water to grab each time you leave the house. Having ice cold water on hand eliminates the need to pay high prices to quench thirst.

  8. Watch deal sites for activities, restaurants and more. Sign up for daily emails from Groupon, Seize the Deal, Living Social, and like sites to take advantage of special deals for summer fun. It’s free and you never know what the next deal will be!

  9. Stay in the habit of using grocery coupons. Even if you don’t have much time, continue to fit in using grocery coupons. By Fall, you’ll sure be glad you did.

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