Secrets from Second-Time Moms

This article, entitled "Why 'Brand New' Isn't Always Better than Used," is presented by Perrigo.

According to a recent UK survey, second-time mothers spend less money on baby products for their second child.

While baby number one may be showered with “the best of the best” - designer clothes, toys, and other “essential” items - second-time moms learn that “the best of the best” doesn’t have to mean “the costliest.”

Many second-time moms have a more realistic sense of what baby needs – from understanding which products are not actually “essential” to exploring lower cost options that provide the same quality, including infant formula, diapers and wipes.

Sandra Gordon writes frequently about baby products, saving money, health and nutrition for books, leading consumer magazines and websites, including,, Parents, Vitality, Prevention, Family Circle, American Profile and Harvard Medical School. She has appeared on NBC’s “Today” and as a baby safety expert on The Discovery Health Channel’s “Make Room for Baby.” She’s the author of nine books, including Consumer Reports Best Baby Products (the 8th, 9th and 10th editions) and Save a Bundle: 50+ Ways to Save Big on Baby Gear.

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