Whew....First Week Of School Is In The Books!!

This article, entitled "Whew....First Week Of School Is In The Books!!" comes from Serese Cole, MomsEveryday blogger from Omaha, NE.

For some reason I thought it would be easier.

This kindergarten thing wasn't new to me.

I did it before with my oldest - just two short years ago...

So taking my youngest to Kindergarten should be easier this time around - right?

We got off to a good start: I got the kids up, made them had breakfast and of course took plenty of pictures at home and once we got to school.

But as we waited to go inside his classroom, my little one looked at me with sad eyes and told me he was a little nervous. It caught me a little off guard because this child doesn't shy away from anything or anyone.

I bent down and gently reassured him that everything would be fine and that it's okay to be a little nervous - he would meet new friends and would LOVE kindergarten.

As time was getting closer to go inside his new classroom, he grabbed my hand - squeezed it - and never let go. The teacher gave us the go ahead - so the herd of parents who couldn't bear to say goodbye at the door - walked their child to their seat.

It was like deja vu for me.

We found his assigned table, put his backpack away and he grabbed a marker so he could color his back to school picture the teacher gave them.

Then I felt it.

That huge knot in my throat.

The tears beginning to fill my eyes.

He looked so big sitting at that little table...

And I knew that moment was a life changer.

This was the beginning for him and the end in many ways, too.

I know how much they grow up in kindergarten...

I looked at the same teacher, who had to witness my tearful antics just two years prior with my oldest and she smiled. That's when I knew I had to leave before my son saw me become unraveled. I couldn't even pull it together to attend the school's "Boo Hoo Breakfast" - for parents just like me - sad to send their child off to school.

After snapping pictures of my weeping drama (sweet isn't he??) my husband took me to breakfast.

And after a few pancakes – and a little shopping - I was good.

By the time we picked our boys up - we saw they were good, too.

"I love kindergarten mommy!"

That's the first thing my youngest said to me.

"I get two recesses!"

There you go!

Recess sold it!!

It makes everything better, doesn't it?

He also told me his teacher was the best kindergarten teacher - EVER!

I think we're both going to be okay...

How did your first week of school go??

I'd love to hear about it or the first time you took your little one to school!

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Serese Cole
Serese is no stranger to the Midwest. She was born and raised in Kansas City and after years of moving from state to state - has called Nebraska home the last decade.
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