How to Find Cheaper Car Insurance

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There are hundreds if not thousands of websites dedicated to convincing you that they offer the cheapest car insurance rates. You can spend hours searching online to find a company that meets your needs. You can also do some things that will help cut your costs no matter which company you insure with.

Pick Your Car Carefully

Cars are categorized into 50 groups which insurers use to establish rates. Everything from engine size to and the expected cost of repairs is factored in. You can check car ratings at Adding spoilers and cosmetic touches like wheel trim and decals or airbrush paint can spell increased costs for insurance.

Driving Habits

How you drive your car can impact your insurance budget too. Restricting driving to local roads on weekends will have a lower rate than traveling a busy expressway every day to and from work. Low mileage can mean a lower premium. Also, getting tickets or being involved in accidents can raise your rates through the roof. Many companies offer safe driver discounts. Be sure to ask about it.

Pay-As-You-Go Insurance

This type of insurance is often good for drivers just starting out because they often cannot afford much insurance. It involves attaching a black box to your vehicle to monitor your driving habits. Ideally, this is great if you are only going a few miles or are willing to avoid driving during peak driving times. It allows you to pay only for the insurance you need.

Type of Coverage

Auto insurance breaks down into two basic categories: Comprehensive and Liability. Comprehensive is full coverage and covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle as well as damage to other vehicles, persons and property. This type of coverage is very expensive and is usually bought when you purchase a new car.

Liability insurance is the basic minimum amount of insurance you can carry by law. It covers you if there is injury to another person, damage to their vehicle or to their property. This type of insurance does not cover your vehicle or the costs to repair or replace your own vehicle. Therefore, it is relatively inexpensive as you are assuming all the risk for yourself and your car. This is typically used for a much older car that has very little value to begin with.

Go Frill Free

Many policies come with lots of bells and whistles that you may not really need. Go over your policy carefully and eliminate any coverage you don’t need.

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