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Food stamps can be a lifesaver for a single mother. If you’re new to single parenthood or have fallen on hard times, this is a great resource to help you feed your family. However, there are qualifications that you must meet and it’s important to note that food stamps can only be used for certain purchases. Regardless, if you qualify, you shouldn’t think twice about applying. Here’s everything you need to know about food stamps.


Whether or not you qualify for food stamps is based on several factors. First of all, your income and the size of your family plays the most important role, followed closely by your cost of living. For example, if you have an income of $2,000 per month, but have three children and rent of $600 per month along with utilities of $300 a month and a car payment of $400 a month, there’s a good chance you’ll qualify.

How to Apply

To apply for food stamps, you will first need to gather the required documents. You’ll need proof of income, which includes bank statements, check stubs, etc. If you’ve recently been let go from a high-paying job, and had to take a job that pays much less, you will also need a letter from your employer that discusses your wages and hours. This is also true for anyone that has started a new job – not just one that pays less. You will also need proof of the cost of living. This may include a letter from your landlord, utility bills, savings account statements, etc. Also be prepared to state how much cash you have on you.

What Food Stamps Can Be Used For

First of all, you won’t receive actual food stamps. What you will receive is a EBT card that is loaded with the funds you’re able to use. The card is reloaded each month. Once you have your card you can use it to purchase groceries, but you cannot use it to purchase non-food items or items that are already prepared, such as items from the bakery or deli. To get the most out of your funds, it pays to either shop once per month or budget a certain amount for each week. You should also use your money as wisely as possible. If these are the only funds you’ll have for groceries, you may even want to consider getting help learning how to best stretch your food stamps.

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