Blizzard Cupcakes

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YUM! My daughter calls these cupcakes “House Wreck.” This is one of her special recipes. I thought you guys might enjoy it. So easy, an 11-year-old can make them! So delicious, everyone will think you had them special ordered.

Blizzard Cupcakes

You will need:

  • 1 Chocolate Cake Mix

  • 1 (8 oz.) container of Cool Whip

  • 1 Box Confectioners Sugar

  • 1 package cookies

Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box. Cut a hole at the top of the cupcake and place a spoonful of Cool Whip (or pudding) into the hole. Replace the top. Sprinkle the Confectioners Sugar over the top of the cupcake!

Optional: Put a few of your favorite cookies in a ziplock bag and crush. (Pictured above is chocolate covered graham cracker cookies.) Sprinkle on top, then add cookie wedge into the top of the cupcake. Enjoy!

Total Cost to make: $7.83 for 24 cupcakes.

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