Increase Your Home’s Intelligence

Tom Kraeutler

This article, entitled "Increase Your Home’s Intelligence," is presented by Kohler, Owens Corning, APC, Heath Zenith and Chamberlain.

The Fall Season is the ideal time to undertake home improvements both indoors and out, and is the last chance to get your home ready for inclement weather. Advances in home improvement products have made shivering and power interruptions a thing of the past, while new technologies mean you can do small DIY jobs that will significantly improve the safety and convenience of your home.

In the video below, Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler talks about improvements specially chosen for the changing seasons. Tom will discuss cutting edge Home Improvement trends AND demonstrate the high tech innovations you need in your “smart” home today.

Tom Kraeutler is co-host of the nationally syndicated home improvement radio program The Money Pit, and author of My Home, My Money Pit: Your Guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure. He earned his home improvement stripes as a professional home inspector, amassing over 20 years experience learning how houses are put together, and how they fall apart!

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