Sore Calves? No Problem! Throw On Your High Heels!

Kelli Parker

Hello Hello fellow Moms! I hope you are all doing great!

Well, it's March and that means warmer weather, which means shorts, and short skirts and tank tops, and here it comes.. wait for it... wait for it... SWIM SUITS!

I know I'm not alone when I say it's easy to dread this time of year because of having to prance around in a swim suit while wondering what cover up or wrap we can use just to hide those not so flattering areas. Sound familiar? I think for years many of us just say well.. it comes with aging.. it's part of the territory after you have babies and become a mom - to wear the mom swim suits that look like muumuus!

Hold the train ladies-- I don't think we have to live this way - but I know it can be so frustrating trying to slim down to that pre-baby weight. but I'm about to embark on a pretty big challenge!

Two local businesses are offering 6 women a chance to get a BEACH BODY AFTER BABY--and I'm just nuts enough to do it! :)

For the next 4 months I will be working out with a personal trainer at least 4 days a week, following a specific meal plan laid out for me by a certified nutrition coach, and using natural vitamins and supplements to try to shed some pounds and get my pre-baby body back just in time for a family vacation!

Let me start by saying it's not going to be easy - I've been running at least 6 miles a week since last august - so I feel like I'm in decent shape. The problem is my shape isn't what it use to be - with that said, I had my first work out with the personal trainer last week. For one hour and 15 min. I was pushed to the max - sprints, weights, boxing, drill after drill - my hair was wet, my body was limp at the end of the workout.

Now after semi recovering later that night I thought - look at me, I'm a hero - this age thing isn't slowing me down - I can do this.

Little did I know the next two days I would not be able to put my feet flat on the ground because my calves were so sore I could hardly walk. Picture this: a mother walking around the house in workout shorts - and high heels (the incline of the heels actually helped me walk with my sore calves) and the smell of Icy Hot sifting through the kitchen as I cooked breakfast for my family!

My youngest son looked at me and said "mom where are you going?" (because I had heels on) , I said "no where son - I'm just making breakfast!" lololol ohhh this could be fun.

So Ladies the journey is underway - I will update you on my progress and introduce you to the 5 other women chosen to take on the challenge as well. It's gonna be a crazy road and I promise I will be brutally honest about the ups and downs.

At the end of the day who knows... maybe we can prove you can have a beach body after your have a baby--or at the very least prove that high heels and work out shorts can certainly change the normal Saturday morning breakfast routine!

Take Care Moms - I appreciate all you do!! Have a great week.

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