Transform Your Tailgating Party

Joe Cahn

This article, entitled "Transform Your Tailgating Party," is presented by Suddenly Salad & Emmi Fondue.

Football has long been associated with burgers and beers, and most men are just fine with that. But just because you’re partying in a parking lot doesn’t mean you have to eat bar food out of the back of a pick-up.

Tailgaters are SO dedicated to the pre-game event that it’s estimated as many as 35% of tailgaters never actually enter the football stadium!* That’s why it’s time to take your tailgate from lackluster to luxurious. Just don’t mistake POSH for PRETENTIOUS! Think MASCULINE meets MARTHA STEWART. We’re talking manly meals with feminine flair, elegant decor with a football feel and pre-party activities with pizzazz. It’s about catering to football fans and foodies alike!

In the video below, the “Commissioner of Tailgating,” Joe Cahn shows how to kick things up a notch and add panache to your parking lot party.

*Statistics courtesy Nationwide Insurance.

Joe Cahn is the world’s only PROFESSIONAL TAILGATER. He tailgates at football stadiums, NASCAR tracks and anywhere a game is happening. He’s logged over half a million miles in his RV and has eaten his way through more than 500 tailgate parties.

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