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How to Grill Pizza

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When we go on vacation we stay in a cabin with a full working kitchen. Weeks before we leave I make a meal plan and grocery list of what we’ll need along with any snack requests. I know this must not sound like relaxation for some people, but for us it just works. All I have to do is pull out ingredients and our meal comes together quickly. We work together at a pace more leisurely than the usual rush at meal time. It’s better than hitting a restaurant every night. Saves some money too.

One of the meals we had while on vacation last year was grilled pizza. I’ve made pizza this way in the past, but with the heat this year we’ve done it more often and it is a hit every time. Using the charcoal grill, outside our cabin, gave the veggies and crust a wonderful, smoky flavor. There’s just something about spending time in the mountains that always makes us hungrier and food always seems to taste so good. For our pizzas the boys choose plain old cheese pizza while Bret and I jazzed ours up with a combination of mushrooms, peppers (red, orange and yellow), red onion and zucchini atop basil pesto. YUM!

For the crust I used an overnight pizza crust recipe, but you could also use store bought too.

Grilled Pizza

Pizza Dough

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pizza Sauce or Pesto store bought or homemade

Any combination of pizza toppings–we used a mix of vegetables from the farmer’s market

Parmesan cheese

Cornmeal (optional)

Start your grill and set at medium heat, if using a gas grill. Divide your pizza dough into 4-5 equal portions and roll out the dough (using cornmeal if too sticky) to about an inch thickness.

Brush olive oil on one side of your mini pizzas and place them on the grill oiled side down. Now brush the side facing up. Flip the crust when the underside is golden brown and top is rising and you can see bubbles. Now spread on your sauce of choice and toppings, including the cheese. Continue cooking until underside of crust is golden brown and toppings are warmed through.

If the weather permits, sit outside and enjoy your grilled masterpiece…when you’re done use that hot grill to make a few s’mores for dessert.


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