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A New Twist on the To Do List

This article, entitled "A New Twist on the To Do List," comes from Dawn Wells at http://slopswap.com/.

I am still one that likes to write out a to do list on paper. There’s something about seeing the list and then being able to cross it off. Yes, I know that I can do something similar on the computer but I just can’t seem to focus on my work unless my to do list is written on a piece of paper. It makes me feel more organized and especially accomplished when I can cross off my list.

Are you that way too?

Well whether you prefer the old pen and paper or a electronic version, I found something that might fit both! It’s definitely a new twist on the to do list.

I was able to try out a Boogie Board 8.5″ LCD writing tablet. I looooove it! It is really a neat concept. It’s light, easy to write on and very portable.

When I first got it, I gave it to the kids to try out. They love it too. Whenever we go somewhere, I just throw it in my purse. Then when the kids need something to do, I get out the Boogie Board and they draw away.

I use it for my to do list, jot down quick notes, etc. It’s so great! I’ve been monopolizing it myself but it also will be great to use with homeschool work. Practicing letters, figuring out a math problem, etc. No need to waste notebook paper!

You can find more information on the Boogie Board on their website.

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