Roses are Red…Poetry for Valentine’s Day

Before the title scares you off, hear me out on this idea. I was roaming around the seasonal aisle at my local “we have everything” store trying to decide which little trinkets I could pick up the for kiddos on Valentine’s Day.

While absentmindedly floating through the sea of red hearts and candy confections, I noticed I was reciting the limerick my sixth grader had written for his poetry portfolio. It’s a clever little ditty about a monkey named Fred and his monkey-wife Hannah…yes, that does rhyme with banana!

Side note: in my son’s sixth grade language arts class this quarter the emphasis is poetry. The students have become poets creating original works in their poetry portfolios. This should sound familiar to many moms out there. Anyway, each week the teacher…shout out to Mrs. P…encourages the pre-teens to explore a different form of poetry…hence the limerick bouncing around in my brain.

And then I did have a brainstorm! This year instead of a molded piece of chocolate or red plastic memento, I am going to write each one of my children (and my hubby, too!) a poem about why I love them so much. Now for all you moms who already do this…I am behind the curve. But if you have never tried this before, let’s go for it. If the poetry format seems intimidating start with something simple….like an acrostic poem. List the letters of your child’s name down the paper vertically and then write a sentence that begins with each letter of the child’s name. It looks fun and it’s an easy way to get going!

In the hustle and bustle of our crazy days rattling off activity schedules, project deadlines and carpool arrangements, we all throw in a quick, “Love you” and “You’re awesome”, but those fade away so quickly. In our fast-paced world, why not take a moment to write down all those truly unique and amazing things about your very special children…and husbands, too! I know I have every little drawing and card my kids have made for me safely tucked away in a memory box. This Valentine’s Day make a memory for your kids to tuck away. And remember it doesn’t have to rhyme…you can just start with a monkey named Fred!

About the Author...
Jen Lennon
Jen is the mother of two boys and a girl who keep her and her husband of 20 years busy driving from the theater to the hockey rink to the dance studio.
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