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At Ernie’s in Ceresco, we are always thinking of new ways to meet your needs, from redefining our furnishings and lifestyles to expanding our renowned services. At Ernie’s you’ll find better prices on the Nation’s leading brands of total home furnishings in FURNITURE, FLOORING, ELECTRONICS, MAJOR APPLIANCES, MATTRESSES, WATER SOFTENERS AND DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS. Plus….Ernie’s will compete on price, personal service & free finance terms. And of course, you can always get that famous free “popcorn” . We invite you to come see what’s new and discover the advantages of shopping at Ernie’s in Ceresco-Nebraska’s Largest Family Owned Total Home Furnishings Store. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and comfortable home where you can relax and gather with friends and family.


Ernies in Ceresco FAQ

With a variety of mattresses to choose from including inner spring, foam and air, which is the best for me?
There are varying benefits of each sleep system. Ernie’s in Ceresco has trained sleep experts to help identify your individual sleep needs and make the appropriate mattress recommendation.

Is soft good for your back?
Whatever is most comfortable for you is what’s best, as long as the substructure provides enough support. If you like soft mattresses then get one that has good support under plush padding. When you have a firm mattress, you are sleeping “on” it; with a soft mattress, you are sleeping “in” it as the padding will gently cradle your body.

What are the benefits of an adjustable bed?
Adjustable beds offer benefits to people with certain medical conditions, like sleep apnea or acid reflux disease, but they are also useful for those who like to watch TV or read in bed. In addition, they can often be used with traditional headboards and footboards to better integrate them with traditional decors.

When I buy a new mattress, do I need a new box spring also?
Most of the time, the foundation wears out ahead of the mattress. Plus, most mattress companies design mattresses and foundations as sleep systems for greater comfort and longevity. Additionally, not replacing the foundation can affect the mattress warranty. So, yes, it is recommended to replace the foundation when you replace your mattress.

After purchasing a new mattress, how can I increase its lifespan?
Here are a few tips for protecting the lifespan of your mattress: avoid moisture or extreme temperature variation which can damage the mattress, use a proper foundation, prevent contaminates from soaking into the mattress, avoid bending the mattress when moving it, and keep kids from jumping on the mattress.

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