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About Us

When you step in the door at The Pharmacy you know this is not your typical pharmacy. You realize that the focus is on you. With its clean appearance and uncluttered aisles it feels different than your average pharmacy. It is very modern, open, airy, and clean.

They have plenty of staff to serve you and the staff seems to know everyone. This is just a friendly, positive atmosphere. It feels like Home. The pharmacists are not only readily available if you need them, but they make it a point to seek you out and make sure you’re needs are met, or just to say hi, how are you doing. The pharmacists and whole staff are very knowledgeable; they make me feel like I am special, like I’m part of their family. They care about me!

There is a reason medications are by prescription only, and this pharmacy makes sure you understand the proper use and dosing of your medications. They even have a private consultation room.

You don’t have to wait an hour for your prescription; they are fast, accurate, and affordable. For those who are in a hurry they have a drive thru window.

As part of their Family Care they offer free flavorings and dosing spoons for your child’s medication, free delivery if you can’t get out, bone density, cholesterol, diabetes, and a facial analyzer screening. They also offer special packaging for people needing help organizing their medication.

This is a pharmacy worth driving to for their Family Care


RelyCare Pharmacy FAQ

As a mom who is always on the go should I be taking a multi-vitamin?
Not if you eat a balanced diet. Exceptions are pregnant or nursing moms, and those who feel their diet is incomplete.

When should I start to be concerned about my calcium intake for my bones?
Now. The general recommendation is 1000-1500mg daily, but no more than 2000mg daily. Be sure to assess your dietary intake to determine how much of supplement you need. People generally get 300mg in their diet, not including dairy which is 300mg per serving. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption and the general recommendation is 800 IU daily

Should my children be taking a multi-vitamin?
Not if they are getting a balanced diet.

Does my child need extra iron during their growth years?
Breast fed infants may need supplements until they start receiving iron from formula or food. For older infants and toddlers who do not eat enough iron-rich foods, liquid iron supplementation should be considered.

My child won’t take their medicine because it tastes bad, what can I do?
You can ask your pharmacist to add flavoring.

What is this news about children and vitamin D?
Recent reports indicate that many children are not getting enough Vitamin D which is important for bone health along with growing evidence that is has life-long health benefits.

What children need vitamin D supplements?
  • Breast fed infants
  • Infants and children ingesting less than 4cups (32ounces) of fortified milk/formula per day
  • Adolescents getting less than 400 IU daily from food or milk.
  • Infants and young children who require more vitamin D supplementation can use Poly-Vi-Sol, or Tri-Vi-Sol which have 400 IU of Vitamin D per one ml.

  • When should I start having my cholesterol checked?
    If you are over 20, at least every 5 years.

    How often should I have a mammogram?
    Starting at age 40 and then yearly after that.

    Why have so many cold preparations for children been removed from the market?
    A large number of emergency room visits were occurring because caregivers were giving improper doses and overdoses. Caregivers misunderstood directions, for instance they were giving 5ml when they were suppose to give 0.5ml. These medications are safe when used appropriately but there is no clear evidence concerning their efficacy.

    What is better for my child when they have a fever, Tylenol, or Motrin?
    Motrin has anti-inflammatory effects, Tylenol does not. Motrin should only be used in children older than 6 months. Tylenol should be dosed every 4-6 hours while Motrin is 6-8 hours. You can alternate the two.

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