Protect Your Skin With A Pill?

Staying out of the sun is an important way to prevent melanoma. But this supplement might help too.

Melanoma is the most feared type of skin cancer, as well as the deadliest. Being out in the sun raises your risk of melanoma. Fair-skinned people and those who sunburn easily are especially vulnerable.

A new study finds that taking Vitamin A may provide some protection.

Researchers followed nearly 70,000 men and women for about six years to see if their diet affected their risk of developing melanoma. They found that people who were using Vitamin A supplements were 40% less likely to develop this cancer. People who got more Vitamin A through their diet didn’t have a lower risk.

It’s possible that people who took vitamin supplements also made more effort to protect themselves from the sun. However, earlier research found that substances similar to Vitamin A can keep melanoma cells from multiplying.

Until scientists learn more about the possible effects of Vitamin A, you can help protect yourself by avoiding sunshine in midday, using sunscreen while you’re outdoors and staying out of tanning beds.

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