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Since 1984, the Nebraska Cancer Research Center has been providing local access to cutting edge cancer research in partnership with Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center, Bryan Medical Center and Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. We are a member of the Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP), created by the National Cancer Institute to bring cutting edge clinical research to communities. Nearly 40 studies are available addressing various disease sites. As a member of the CCOP, we have access to trials being conducted by prestigious cancer centers such as Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson and Duke University.


Nebraska Cancer Research Center FAQ

Q: What are clinical trials?
A clinical trial is a study that helps doctors and researchers find better ways to prevent, treat or diagnose diseases such as cancer. Trials are conducted in cancer centers, hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices. Clinical trials answer important scientific questions that can improve care. All of today's successful treatments for cancer are based on results of clinical trials done in the past.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being part of a clinical trial through NCRC?
Participation in a clinical trial provides early access to promising new treatments. You can continue to be surrounded and supported by your family and friends here at home during a physically and psychologically demanding time.

Q: What are the types of clinical trials?
Three types of clinical trials are offered by the Nebraska Cancer Research Center: Treatment trials, which compare standard treatments to new treatments; Quality of Life trials which look for ways to improve the comfort of cancer patients and survivors; and Prevention trials which try to find out if there are ways to stop cancer from starting.

Q: What risks exist in a clinical trial?
While on a clinical trial, you may have some side effects. There are usually side effects with any cancer treatment, including the treatment you will receive while on a clinical trial. Your physician and research nurse will closely monitor you while you are on the trial.

Q: What do I do if I want to participate in a clinical trial?
People of all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds are needed for trials. Talk with your oncologist to see if you qualify for a trial or call us at the Nebraska Cancer Research Center at (402)483-2827 or (800) 487-8786.

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