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About Us

Full service coin, precious metals, and stamp store in Madison, WI, lower level of Hilldale Mall.  We buy sell, and appraise, coins, gold and silver bullion, jewelry, stamps, collectible watches, silver dollars, Gold & silver American Eagles, Maple Leafs, bullion bars, pandas, and more. We are direct agents for our precious metals refinery, so we can pay you more. Locally owned for over 21 years.  Please see our web site for more information about us and our services.  Free 1/2 our appraisal if you mention seeing us on the web. Highest prices paid, record high gold and silver prices-- Cash in today! 


Jim's Coins FAQ

How do I get my kids interested in coin collecting?
Coin collecting is a very healthy and potentially profitable hobby for kids and parents alike to enjoy together. You can enjoy it at any age. A good way to introduce your kids is start with state quarter album or map and have your kids look through change to find the state quarters and fill the album and you can have some fun and learn some geography too. Beyond that, coin collecting is a very emotional hobby. If you show kids coins that you have or in a book, on the computer, or in our store, they will either see something and be emotionally drawn to it, or they won’t.

I do not collect coins, why do people collect coins?
Again, people collect because of their emotional connection to the coins. When they see a certain coin, it makes them happy, it evokes a certain emotion or memory, whether it be history, nostalgia, geography, the Old West, patriotism, moral character, integrity and history of those depicted on the coins, power, or any number of other feelings.

What is your emotional connection with coins, or how did you get started?
For me it started at age 6 with going to the bank with my brother and father once every six months or so to view the five or six gold coins that his father had given to him. It was such a thrill for us to see something old, gold, and beautiful. When viewing the coins it made me think of the Old West (even though all our relatives that I knew were from Wisconsin!) It was fun for my father to show us, too. It also led me to discover that our great uncle actually did leave Wisconsin in 1849 for the California gold rush.

What is the best way to raise cash from the old coins, stamps, pocket watches, and old gold and silver jewelry that I have laying around?
For most people the best way is going to be taking it in to a local store like Jim’s Coins and selling it. Get a few quotes and sell to the highest quote. That is the best way because you are dealing with someone who is accountable in the community. We hear of some of the prices given by these fly-by-night operations that come in to hotels and buy things at extremely low prices, and then they are gone the next day. It is really sad. People also send things through the mail for offers. Generally these places also offer extremely low prices. Local auctions or Ebay are other options, but for most people these are a big headache, and we sometimes buy things from auctions and on Ebay, so you don’t always get as high a price there, especially when you figure in the commission and the extra time and headache you spend with those options.

Is now a good time to sell--Is silver & gold going up or down?
We have spent a lot of time on this and after extensive market analysis, research, and observation, we can tell you that in the short and long term, both gold and silver will almost certainly...go up or down. So basically the conclusion is that the market is uncertain. Gold is at an all-time historical high and silver is at a 32-year high now, so if you need cash to do something else, now might be a good time to cash in.

What other services do you offer?
We do appraisals for estates or if you just want to know what your item is and what its worth. We also help people who want to invest in physical gold and silver. As a special we will offer a free appraisal up to half an hour to your viewers who come in and mention they saw this interview.

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