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About Us

Laurie Lundgren, of ”Laurie Lundgren COLOR & DESIGN” has been a creative force in Madison, Wisconsin’s home and remodeling industry for the past 22 years.  She works with homeowners as a paint color consultant and design consultant providing advice for both interiors and exteriors.

Her business began in 1995 as an artist and designer, serving homeowners as a muralist and paint color consultant.  Over the years she has designed and painted thousands of murals and faux finishes which grace the walls of homes and businesses all across Dane County.  She no longer paints murals, but still uses her artist's eye.  She now focuses her business exclusively on color, design, and decorating.

Laurie Lundgren has a strong reputation as Madison’s paint color expert.  She was awarded Best of Houzz, 2016 and 2017 for outstanding design and service.  Laurie is proud to be on the design team for Design for a Difference 2017 and is an active member of NARI (The National Association of the Remodeling Industry.) She has a passion for what she does, and it shows!  Laurie especially delights in helping clients arrive at their perfect paint colors.


Design Philosophy

Laurie Lundgren has a down-to-earth, practical, creative, and fun approach.  You won't feel at all intimidated.  She listens like a friend and creates solutions like a pro!

Creative & Experienced

Madison Wisconsin's leading paint color consultant.  Award winning designer.  More than 20 years of experience and thousands of happy clients!

Paint Color Consulting

An in-home color consultation with Laurie Lundgren is fun and inspiring!  Interior, or exterior; finding your perfect paint color scheme is as easy as calling Laurie!

Practical Decorating

"It's like having a real life HGTV experience!"  Hire Laurie for an hour or for an entire day.  Your home will be transformed.

As soon as you meet Laurie, you can't help but notice her creativity and enthusiasm.  Laurie truly loves working with clients to design the perfect paint color palette.  She has a knack for decorating with a creative, yet practical, money-saving approach.

Laurie is a gifted artist and former professional muralist.  In business 22 years, she uses her talent and keen eye for color and design to deftly get you to the perfect colors for your home or place of business.   She has a strong reputation as Madison, Wisconsin's leading paint color consultant.

You can't help but notice Laurie's joy and enthusiasm for what she does.  She is endlessly creative.   Laurie is firmly established as Madison, Wisconsin's paint color expert.  Her reputation for excellent design service and talent is unsurpassed.  Laurie loves helping clients and she always makes the design experience fun and productive.  Your consultation will take place in your home or at the project site.   Once there, she quickly gets inspiration for all the new possibilities.  Design consulting can include interiors, exteriors, residential, or commercial.  Laurie specializes in interior and exterior paint color consultation.  She puts her artist's eye to work for you; rearranging furniture, hanging your pictures, redecorating using your existing, meaningful pieces.  She makes skillful and insightful suggestions on coordinating new materials during a remodel, and many other design related needs.


Paint Color Consultation:
Choosing the perfect paint colors for your home can be intimidating.   Laurie is a naturally gifted
paint color consultant.  She makes the process easy and fun. 

Practical Decorating:
Laurie is a natural at designing a room.  She recognizes that your existing items are meaningful and therefore finds stylish ways to update a space while still keeping the pieces that mean so much.

In-Home Design Services

Paint Color Consultation
$105 per hour
Choosing the right paint color can be extremely daunting for many people. Let Laurie use her professional artist's eye to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve the perfect look and feel.  Interior color scheme or Exterior color scheme.  Residential or Commercial.  If the home is currently furnished, there is nothing you need to do to prepare.  Just give Laurie a quick tour, tell her how you want to the rooms to feel, and she translates that into color.  The color consultation is fun and painless and you'll love your colors!

Designer with Some Elbow-Grease

$150 per hour
Are you stumped with how to arrange furniture or maximize your space?  Ever wish you could be one of those lucky homeowners on HGTV?  Do you watch those shows and wish you too could have a talented, quick-thinking, hard-working designer right in your own home?  Well, now you can!   Laurie comes to your home, rolls up her sleeves, and gets to work!  She will revitalize one room, or your entire home.  She identifies the design goals, and quickly gets busy rearranging existing furniture, accessories and hangs artwork and pictures for you.   Laurie also chooses the perfect paint colors, offers creative advice, shares industry tips, and more. You'll experience your home in a whole new way.  You'll be amazed at the transformation that is possible in only one day, or even in only a matter of hours!

Designer's Opinion / Creative Brainstorm Session
$105 per hour
Are you updating a kitchen or bath, or getting new flooring?  Getting new siding, or a new roof?  Do you need an extra pair of eyes and advice on making design selections?  Bring Laurie in when you're overwhelmed and confused.  A brainstorm session with Laurie helps you to see new creative, clever solutions...that are often cost effective.  Or bring her in when you've come home from the showroom and feel overwhelmed by flooring samples, countertop samples, etc.  With a quick tour of your home's interior (or exterior), she can pick up on subtle architectural features and your style.  She creates the result of a seamless update by skillfully coordinating the new materials with the existing.