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About Us

At Madison NO FEAR Dentistry we believe in creating a positive and comfortable experience that will result in a life-long relationship of trust and confidence with your family and your children. We strive to be the most forward thinking, innovative, and patient-friendly dental office in Madison. Our practice focuses on ensuring great experiences while providing a full range of dental services including: family care, implants, veneers, deep bleaching, laser dentistry, full sedation, invisible braces, and children’s programs. We treat patients like they deserve to be treated; just like we would treat our own family members. Our patients trust us to be their dentists, which is a direct result of us exceeding their expectations, standing by our work, and placing honesty at the forefront of all decisions.


Information for Moms

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Madison NO FEAR Dentistry is excited to announce that they are fully trained and licensed to perform Laser Periodontal TherapyTM.
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Madison NO FEAR Dentistry wins Star of Madison: Best Dental Facility AND ‘Top Dentist’ by Madison Magazine

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Madison NO FEAR Dentistry is excited to announce that they have won the 2011 CMUS Talk of the Town Award for Excellence In Customer Satisfaction.

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In response to the recent Pew Study on children’s oral health, Madison NO FEAR Dentistry is increasing their efforts to provide education and access to dental care for children. They are committed to helping in the fight against poor oral health in the local community and across the state. (Full Story)
Madison NO FEAR Dentistry is excited to announce that they are the first dental office locally to offer MyPerioPath®, MyPerioID® PST®, and OraRisk® HPV testing from OralDNA® Labs. ( Story)

Madison No Fear Dentistry FAQ

At what age should I first take my child to the dentist?
We recommend that a child's first oral health visit take place no later than 3 years of age. That being said, we agree with the American Dental Association and strongly stress: FIRST dental visit by FIRST birthday. This is an ideal time for our caring team to evaluate your child's oral, dental and nutritional health, as well as to diagnose any problems which may exist. Children will also become more comfortable with medical visits in general. Most importantly we educate parents about "at home" dental emergencies, fluoride, and the proper natural development of their children's teeth.

How do I know that my child will have a positive experience at your office?
We pride ourselves on making a comfortable and friendly environment for your child. Our staff is well-versed in handling the smallest of patients so you can rest assured that your child will come out smiling and happy. They even can take home a custom T-shirt and get their picture taken in a lab coat like a real dentist. How fun! Every child has the opportunity to participate in a fun and educational brushing and tooth education program to get them excited about brushing and their smiles. In addition to creating a great experience for your child, we also have the knowledge to back it up which is demonstrated by us being featured on both NBC and FOX for outstanding and innovative pediatric children’s dentistry. Rest assured that our team helps kids have fun, smile BIG, and gain self-confidence!

What can I expect at my first appointment with your office?
At Madison NO FEAR Dentistry, we take the time to get to know our patients both personally and from a dental health standpoint. At your first visit, our staff will go through a series of questions, digital x-rays, oral cancer screening, periodontal exam and a thorough exam with one of our passionate dentists so we can get the full story on your teeth. We make it our mission to empower patients to take an active role in their dental health. This is so you as the patient know as much about your teeth as our doctors do. From here we create a personalized plan for relaxing and worry free dental care. Every visit is oriented around your personal needs to ensure a great experience. Our office also believes in minimizing our carbon footprint! We utilize solar panels, recycled materials, energy star appliances, biodegradable materials, fresh air replacement, low flow toilets, and LED lights. We want to make your smile gorgeous while keeping Madison just as beautiful!

How is your pricing structured and what insurances do you accept?
We're sensitive to your feelings about finances. That's why we structure our fees without fluff – they reflect actual time, materials, and laboratory work required for treatment. And, of course, we provide you with a complete estimate before we begin. We accept most insurances and our team is skilled in working with insurance companies so call today if you have any questions! We offer complimentary benefit checks and patient tours. Our staff has been diligently trained to present you with numerous payment options, referral discounts, and multiple non-interest payment plans!

What sterilization precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?
Most people today are aware of and a bit intimidated by the need for excellent sterilization procedures. That's why we've established a state-of-the-art sterilization program to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Our system includes heat sterilization of dental instruments between patients and the use of disposable products as well as cross-contamination barriers. We also run a "silver/amalgam" free office. We even filter out harmful metals from any water entering our office and your mouth! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. We’re happy to explain our safety procedures to make you feel entirely at ease with how we handle ourselves. We pride ourselves on posting our high achieving sterilization results for you to see!


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