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Thursday October 18
Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center
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Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center FAQ

What is Dermarolling?
Dermarolling is this amazing procedure where a small instrument is used to roll tiny surgical needles across the skin. Rolling causes a controlled injury to the skin which then stimulates a healing response giving phenomenal benefits to the skin.

Who can benefit from Dermarolling?
Most of us have concerns some way or another with our skin. Whether your concern is acne scarring, fine lines or wrinkles, sundamage, large pores, excess oil or stretch marks (yes stretch marks!) Dermarolling is for you! The best part is this treatment is a safe and effective for all skin types with no risk to dark skin tones which is a concern with lasers.

Sounds like there must be some serious downtime with this?
Not at all. Very minimal in fact. This treatment is so easy to fit into everyone’s busy lifestyle. Mild pinkness on the skin for one or more days and possible temporary dryness. You can wear make-up the very next day and resume normal activities.