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About Us

Wildwood is an independent, physician-owned clinic founded in 1978.

We are a group of family physicians centered on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families.
Our primary care physicians provide you and your family with comprehensive care during all the phases of your lives – from birth, infancy and childhood, through adolescence, to adult life and the changes it can bring.

Our staff is committed to providing prompt and personalized care for you and your family. We approach healthcare not simply as the treatment of a particular illness, but with a focus on prevention, health education and the well-being of the family as a whole.

Our priority? To listen to your concerns, answer your questions and respect your preferences.

We provide comprehensive physical exams, obstetrical and pediatric care, sports physicals, immunizations, minor surgical procedures, routine screenings and patient education, with the added convenience of an in-house lab, physical therapy, and imaging services at both locations. We also guide you to the appropriate consultants and community services when necessary.

Our Physicans are on call 24 hours a day!








Wildwood Family Cllinic, S.C. FAQ

What Services are provided at Wildwood Clinic?
We are a family practice providing primary care, obstetric care, integrative medicine, massage therapy, physical therapy, Personal Training, lab services, hospital services and lactation consultants.

What insurance is accepted at Wildwood Family Clinics?
Dean, Physicians Plus, WPS, WEA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, United Medical Resources, United Health Care Options, Health EOS Network, Alliance Network, Aetna (Network Specific), Cigna, (Network Specific) If your insurance provider is not listed, and you would like to know if we can provide your medical care, please call our business office at 608.221.1501 during regular business hours or contact your plan’s customer service representative.

How do we provide complete obstetric care?
One of the most beneficial parts of obstetric care at Wildwood happens at the time of birth. When you are finally ready to welcome your baby, your Wildwood physician will be there; someone you already know, and who knows you. We will help coach you through the greatest miracle ever! In an emergency, we will work hand-in-hand with specialists, essentially “quarter-backing” the situation and assisting with you and your baby’s overall medical care.

Does my health care providor at Wildwood Family Clinic continue to see me and my child after birth?
Wildwood physicians do not see pregnancy as a start and finish event. Instead, we see it as only the beginning of a new relationship. Wildwood provides expectant mothers with the tools for that transition. Because we will see you and your new baby frequently after the birth, together we will have an opportunity to address any concerns. Your Wildwood Physician will be there with you every step of the way.

What if I need to be referred to a specialist?
If specialist referral is needed or more advanced testing required, Wildwood has close relationships with the larger health care organizations in the area, including Dean, Meriter, and UW Health, to coordinate your care. Wildwood’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) helps us easily provide consulting physicians the information they need to provide you with quality care.

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