Great Opportunities

Paul Isenberg

Each day in a Dad’s world creates great opportunities to change the lives of the ones that look up to us the most. Sometimes it’s the times that we take for granted, and other times it the great big events in life that we never forget.

Regardless of where the event falls, it is going to happen and each opportunity often only happens once.

Today I find myself battling the war between work and family. If you are like me fathers, the inside feeling and drive to provide for your children seems to dominate your mind and inevitably dominates your life. It is an admirable thing to provide physically and financially for a child but if it is at the cost of not providing for the emotionally and with my time we have missed a huge part of the equation.

I am in the process of opening several businesses that seem to be consuming my time more and more each day. Although, I show up at home every night it seems as though I am only there in person not with my heart (according to my wife).

Today my 2 year old came to see me at work and said, “you weren’t home so I had to see you at your work.” Although she didn’t know what she was saying she had understood that Daddy wasn’t home and that seemed to bother her.

In conclusion fathers; everyday is an opportunity and every opportunity has an expiration date: When the opportunity expires we have lost our influence in that chapter of their life.

Fathers I ask you sincerely; what events will you miss today, what event you will miss tomorrow. Hopefully we as fathers realize that we can’t make them all but all the ones we can make will make us better. We do it because if we miss our chance at influence we have shorted our child for life.

God tells us that it is important to Love and then to be Loved. If we Love our children we will make time for them. This week I challenge us to make list of our time and what we spend it doing, what we spend the most time doing is what we see as most important. Where do our Children fit in our timeline.

Hello Dads! My name is Paul Isenberg and I am a happily married man with a 2-year-old daughter named Mariah Jordan Isenberg.  This is my first blog so I wanted to introduce myself and let you know what to expect each week as you follow my blog.  As an open book, I will be sharing my stories, my successes and failures as a father to hopefully help other fathers and mothers looking for fathers for their children.  Sometimes I will be discussing what Dads are to be, and other times I will be discussing what Dads shouldn’t be.  Please know that many times my advice will come from Wiser men, and mostly God the father as I believe that he is the best father that anyone could have. 

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