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About Us

Project Home helps low- to moderate-income families in Dane and Green counties save energy and money in their homes through our weatherization, minor and major home repair, Targeted Home Performance, and Lead Abatement programs. Project Home’s Housing Center provides free classes that are offered throughout the year that are open to the public. The basic home maintenance classes include How to Weatherize, Treating Ice Dams, Eliminating Water & Mold, How Your House Works, and Fall Home Maintenance Tasks. Local professionals volunteer to assist homeowners with do-it-yourself projects, and knowing when to call professionals.  First-Time Homebuyers classes help people navigate the details of buying a home, led by a professional housing counselor. Attendees can receive a certificate that will help qualify them for additional loan options.

Project Home FAQ

Q: What does Project Home do?
Project Home in a non-profit that has been serving our community for over 40 years. Project Home runs programs for middle to low income homeowners and renters in Dane and Green Counties. Weatherization is the biggest program area, followed by major and minor home repair programs, lead rehabilitation programs, and two volunteer programs. Work is done by our staff members and by private contractors. Project Home’s Housing Center provides basic home maintenance classes, and First-Time Homebuyers classes throughout the year, both are free and open to the public.

Q: Who qualifies for services?
Homeowners in Dane and Green counties who meet limits on income and the value of their home. Renters who meet income limits can be served through our Weatherization program. Each program has different qualifications, so please call (608) 246-3737 for more details. If you live outside Dane or Green County, please visit to find the organization that runs the Weatherization program in your county.

Q: Do you have volunteer programs?
Yes. Hammer with a Heart, an annual event each May, has skilled and community volunteers who provide free major home repairs for low-income homeowners living in Dane County. Local companies donate funds, and others donate and discount materials and services. Paint-a-thon, an annual event each August, has professional and community painters who volunteer to paint the exteriors of homes for low-income homeowners in Dane County, most of whom have received citations from their municipalities.

Q: Will putting new windows in my home save me money?
It’s a common misconception that replacing the windows in a home will save energy and reduce your utility bills. In fact, a new window only reduces heat loss slightly more than an older window. The cost of purchasing and installing new windows is so high that you will not save enough money on your utility bills to pay for the windows. Most of the heat loss from your home is through the attic and sidewalls of the house. Below is a list of things that cost less than installing new windows and will make a greater impact on lowering your utility bills and increasing the comfort of your home. • Putting plastic over your windows in winter months • Sealing attic & boxsill air leaks • Adding attic and sidewall insulation • Tuning & cleaning your current furnace. Be sure to change the filter every month. If your furnace is 18 + years old or needs major repairs, consider replacing it with a 90% efficient unit.

Q: Can I do some work myself?
Yes, through our Housing Center classes you can learn about a variety of basic home maintenance tasks you can do including How to Repair and Replace Toilets, Treating Ice Dams, How Your House Works, and Fall Maintenance Tasks which are taught by professionals who volunteer. We also offer First-Time Homebuyers classes which are taught by a professional housing counselor. Both types of classes are free and open to the public.

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