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Girl Scouts is the place where girls have a chance to explore the world, find friends, and make a difference. In Girl Scouts, girls start with their own curiosity and follow a fun and fact-filled journey toward courage, confidence and character. Girl Scouts become leaders by doing the things they love! Think it's a full year commitment? Think again! There are many flexible ways to participate in Girl Scouts. One of the cool things about Girl Scouts is there's not just one way to be one!

Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi FAQ

Q: Of all the activities available to my child, why Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts has it all! Girl Scouts have fun, play sports, go camping and swimming, learn about science, learn about animals, enjoy the arts, help in the community, and much, much more. The leadership opportunities and skills your girl develops in Girl Scouts will help her other extracurricular and academic activities as well as her relationships now and in the future.

Q: Who can be a Girl Scout?
Girl Scouts is open to all girls and adults who make the Girl Scout Promise, accept the Girl Scout Law and pay annual membership dues. These are the only requirements for membership. All girls are welcome regardless of socioeconomic status or racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious background. Girls in kindergarten through 12th grade can join – as a Girl Scout Daisy (grades K-1), Girl Scout Brownie (grades 2-3), Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5); Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8), Girl Scout Senior (grades 9-10), or Girl Scout Ambassador (grades 11-12).

Q: How can my girl become a Girl Scout?
She registers through her local Girl Scout council. You can call a Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi (GSGMS) Service Center or attend a recruitment event at your school or in your community.

Q: Is there a fee to join Girl Scouts?
Each girl and adult that joins Girl Scouts must pay an annual $12 fee. The Girl Scout year runs from October 1-September 30, and members re-register each year. This entire amount goes to the national organization (GSUSA) and pays for accident insurance, program development and resources.

Q: Are there any other costs involved beyond the $12 registration fee?
Troops may charge a small dues per girl to help cover the costs of activities, patches, and supplies for the troop. Typically, parents or guardians also pay for a girl's uniform (optional), Journey books and handbooks. There may be additional costs for special programs such as field trips, events, campouts and other activities. Financial assistance is available so that every girl can benefit from the Girl Scout experience. The Girl Scout Cookie Program and fall product sale of nuts, candies and magazines are designed to allow each troop to raise the money they need to help pay for troop activities. These programs also provide girls with valuable budgeting, money-handling and goal setting skills.

Q: Can my girl be a Girl Scout without being part of a troop?
Yes! There are many ways girls can take part in Girl Scouting. The Girl Scout program is flexible by design. Depending on their free time and interests, girls can register in a troop, individually, or as members of interest groups that explore everything from camping to careers. Once a girl joins Girl Scouts, she can participate in national events and council-sponsored programs, events, activities and camps as she chooses.

Q: Should parents/guardians register too?
YES! It’s a great idea to register with your girl. Girl Scouts offers adults a genuine and powerful way to connect with their girl. The majority of Girl Scout activities require adult supervision, so when you are a registered adult member, you have the flexibility to attend too. Volunteering as a family is not only fun, it’s a great way to give back to your community and be a part of something that is important to your Girl Scout.

Q: Camping is DEFINITELY NOT our thing. Can my daughter and I enjoy Girl Scouts even if we’re not “outdoorsy”?
YES! Camping is just one of the activities that Girl Scouts do. While developing an appreciation for nature and the environment is a big focus of the Girl Scout program, there are many, many activities available that even the “girliest” of Girl Scouts will enjoy.

Q: How will I know what activities are available?
Visit the website ( for the latest council calendar information and sign up for our monthly Family eNewsletter to learn all the council happenings. GSGMS also produces a program book twice a year that lists all the council events, activities and opportunities. You can also visit the GSGMS page on Facebook to find out about upcoming activities.

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