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About Us

Meridian Weight Management Center

Obesity is defined by most experts as a Body Mass Index or BMI of 30 or greater. While this definition is not absolute, it is a starting place for most. Regardless of what number obesity starts at, the problem is undeniable. Obesity is related to some serious medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and heart disease. Besides the obvious killers, being overweight also contributes to other problems such as joint pain. The added stress to knees over prolonged periods of time takes a toll on the body.

Whether you fall into the obese or just overweight category, or if you have problems maintaining your desired weight, we can help. All it takes is one step through our door!

Meet the Team

Dr. Andrea Goodwin

Dr. Andrea Goodwin is a board-certified family practice physician and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Dr. Goodwin is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School Of Medicine. She has been practicing in the local area since 2001.

David Bonner

David Bonner is an RN who was raised right here in Meridian. David served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman before attending nursing school at Meridian Community College. His experience in the military as well as civilian leadership positions makes him an expert “Coach” for our team.

Kandi King

Kandi's educational background is in lab services as an MLT, but she does much more than Lab at MWMC! Kandi has one son who keeps her on the road with Clarkdale Baseball when she is not at work.  She is the jack of all trades at MWMC.

Jessie Bonner

Known as Mrs. Bonner the Librarian to most who attended Clarkdale over the last 30 years. Jessie is our receptionist, who also helps out wherever there is a need at MWMC.



Kristi Russell

Kristi is a working mother of 3 active kids. Kristi started on New Years Day, she has lost a total of 41 pounds using the low Carbohydrate way of eating. Kristi has dropped 6 dress sizes and a total of 28 inches. Her Body Mass Index has gone from 33 to 26!