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About Us

We are a clinic that caters to women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles and we like it like that. We see women wanting to prevent pregnancy, wanting to get pregnant, tired of being pregnant, women who are new moms and are now sleep deprived, women finished having kids,grandmothers,mothers, and teens who are terrified of the gynecologist. Everyday is different, exciting, a little crazy, and there are always interesting stories I hear. We get educated every day that there are way bigger problems out there and we try to find a way to fix it if we can or find someone who can. We have met some pretty cool Dads, husbands, boyfriends, grandfathers, and even brothers in our clinic. We are very accessible and have a staff dedicated to keeping you healthy or at least force you to listen to our healthy talk. We want people not only to live longer, but healthier. We know how important women are to their families and friends and we intend to keep them around for a long time. We are a family that treats you like family. This town is small enough that if we don't treat you right, I get to hear about it from my mom, my hairdresser, my babysitter, the teller at the bank.....and so on.




The Nelson Center for Women FAQ

Q: What is a BMI and how do I calculate it?
BMI is Body Mass Index which tells you what your score is based on your height, weight. Normal is 20-25, Google BMI to calculate

Q: Do I still need check-ups after a hysterectomy?
Yes, we examine the whole person from head to toe and discuss other health issues at your appointment

Q: Will you set up my other appointments for my mammogram and colonoscopy?
Yes, we also set up bone density screenings and specialised appointments and have an in-office lab

Q: When is too young or too old to see a Gynecologist?
We see women of all ages from Pediatric patients to people in their 90's. All have different issues and different solutions

Q: What if I am not sure if my issue is Gynecology related?
We are good listeners and have a very wide referral base to refer you to any specialists in the Rush and Anderson system as well as specialists at UMC and UAB. We coordinate health care at many different levels. As doctors in a small community, we are all very accessible and can consult with each other easily. That helps a lot.