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Where you live doesn't have to be just a house, make it a home!  In House Works, Taryn Vanderford ties on the apron and puts on the gardening gloves to bring you fresh ways to improve your home.  As a former HGTV producer, Taryn tackles interior design, gardening, cooking and overall home improvement. Make your home a castle with House Works...where the only chore is turning on the TV.

Information for Moms

It may not feel like it, but spring starts this week. So we have a refreshing dessert for you! Berry Fool is an old-fashioned English treat. Moms Everyday food blogger, Alison Bickel and her son show us how to make it.(Full Story)
In this House Works, we share ways to bring the green of spring into your home a little early. (Full Story)
In House Works, Luann Finke of Finke Gardens and Nursery has some ideas on how to best choose the seeds for your garden this year.(Full Story)
Sometimes when you get home from work, or you're at the end of a long day, it can be hard to come up with a good, wholesome meal for your family. So what about planning meals in advance? In this House Works, we meet a Lincoln mom who makes food for a week...all in one day.(Full Story)
Jon wants to go on record by saying he does take good care of most of his shoes. But, one pair that became a bit dilapidated caught the attention of a local shoe expert.So that got us thinking, maybe there are other people out there who could use a lesson in shining men's shoes. (Full Story)
When it's cold, you want something to eat that will warm you up. In this House Works, Chef Judy joins us in the kitchen with a tasty recipe for beef stew. It's the perfect comfort food for this time of year.(Full Story)
It's a new year, and you are probably looking for some new ideas for you next dinner with friends or family. In this House Works, Chef Judy Gilliard joins us in the kitchen with another beautiful dish. You can "wow" your guests by making shrimp scampi.(Full Story)
The perfect meal is not totally perfect unless you have a great dessert to top it all off. In this House Works, we're in the kitchen with Chef Judy making chocolate cheesecake. It just might be the best way to end your dining experience.(Full Story)
In this House Works, Chef Judy Gilliard has a tasty recipe using pork. And trust me, it'll make you hungry.(Full Story)
All of us are looking for ways to recycle, and you can do that even with your Christmas decorations. (Full Story)
Once you get past November, you can officially say you are in the Christmas holiday season. And that means you might be having guests over to celebrate. In this House Works, Chef Judy Gilliard has an idea that will help you be ready to entertain.(Full Story)
Health experts will tell you it's important to get more vegetables in your diet. As parents, you want to make sure your kids are getting those much-needed nutrients. In this House Works, Chef Judy shows us how to make a vegetable side dish that kids just might think is spaghetti!(Full Story)
Pizza night is a great chance for the family to spend quality time together. And making homemade pizza is a perfect way to get your family involved in the kitchen. In this House Works, Chef Judy joins us with some ideas on pizza crusts and toppings. There's something to please everyone!(Full Story)
We all love the kitchen. For many it's the heart of the home. And sometimes, even the kitchen needs a little updating. In this House Works, we talk to a Lincoln mom who has some great ideas on how to bring a little spice to your kitchen design.(Full Story)